Welcome to the Lighthouse Brewing Company

Starting a craft brewery in 1998 was, by necessity, a labour of love. The demand for hand-made, small-batch beer was not what it is today. But those first kegs of our Race Rocks Ale we proudly delivered to local pubs and restaurants found a market that was receptive to flavourful, locally brewed ales back when bland, generic beers ruled.

It turns out we were onto something. Though our lineup of beers has grown, the way we brew all of them—always keeping quality and consistency in everything we do—remains the same. That artisanal spirit that Lighthouse was founded on continues today: brew excellent craft beer every day.

Handcrafted Beer

Meet the crew

The German Beer Purity Law of 1516 that stated beer should only be made with malt, hops, water and yeast overlooked the killer ingredient: passion. The people at Lighthouse who brew your beer, put it in cans and bottles, deliver the kegs and take care of all the other important behind-the-scenes tasks, do it because we love craft beer. That adds a little something extra to the beer, we think.


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  • 2-836 Devonshire Road
  • Victoria, BC
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  • P 250.383.6500
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  • Tuesday: 12pm-6pm
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  • Sunday/Monday: Closed

Growler Line Up

Growler Container (1.89L) - $6 or (1L) - $6 Growler fills - $11/$12/$13 (1.89L) or $6/$7/$8 (1L)