The story behind Lighthouse Brewing Company.

Lighthouse Brewing Company is a progressive thinking microbrewery producing a distinct range of all natural beers. We began our brewing tradition in 1998 when the first kegs of Race Rocks Amber Ale rolled out to the Victoria public. In 2004 we introduced our products in cans and today our premium beers can be found in 355mL and 650mL bottles, and growlers too!
Only the finest ingredients enter our custom designed brewery where our talented brewers insist on quality in all aspects of the brewing process. Using international and locally sourced malt and hops we strive to constantly be brewing something new and creative.

Not only are we concerned about where our ingredients come from but we also make a conscious effort to discard our waste in an environmentally sustainable manner. Since our doors first opened we have been operating as a zero-emissions facility and have been awarded several prestigious ‘Eco-Star Awards’ for our waste reduction practices. All of our spent grain gets recycled for the benefit of local farmers and we do our best to conserve water wherever possible.
Our small team of dedicated craft beer enthusiasts work extremely hard to make sure you love our beer as much as we do. With 15 years of craft brewing experience now behind us, we plan to keep forging ahead in our quest to make great beer.

Growlers (1.89L) - $5
Growler fills - $10

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday: 8-4:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 8-5:30pm

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2-836 Devonshire Road
Victoria, BC, Canada
V9A 4T4

Phone: 250-383-6500
Fax: 250-383-0005

The regulars - Available in bottles, cans and draught.

  • Siren Imperial Red

    This gold medal winning Imperial Red Ale perfectly balances a rich malty body with an assertive west coast hop bitterness.
    8% Alc. / Vol.

  • Switchback IPA

    A unique IPA full of citrus, stone fruit and tropical flavours courtesy of Australian and New Zealand hops.
    6.5% Alc. / Vol.

  • Tasman Ale

    The perfect session beer! A soft malt body and light bittering using delicious hops from Tasmania and the Tasman region of New Zealand.
    5% Alc. / Vol.

  • Race Rocks

    Where it all started, subtle notes of caramel and chocolate make Race Rocks an exceptionally mellow, well balanced ale.
    5.2% Alc. / Vol.

  • Beacon IPA

    A copper coloured, medium bodied and generously hopped IPA. Enjoy the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt body.
    5.3% Alc. / Vol.

  • Keepers Stout

    Prized as an authentic example of a classic Irish stout, Keepers offers bold, complex espresso and fine dark chocolate flavours.
    5.1% Alc. / Vol.

  • Lighthouse Lager

    This brilliant lager with its elegant straw colour and subtle malt aroma is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Simple yet golden.
    5.1% Alc. / Vol.

  • Fisgard 150

    A traditional Bavarian style lager that is renowned for its crisp dry first impression and refreshing mild hop finish.
    *Not available in draught.
    5% Alc. / Vol.

  • Premium Pack

    Our fantastic mixed pack. 3 Switchback, 3 Tasman Ale, 3 Race Rocks and 3 Fisgard 150.

Big Flavour Bombers - Seasonal and limited releases.

  • Rhubie Rhubarb Ale

    Rhubie Rhubarb Wheat Ale was brewed with Pilsner malt, flaked wheat, hops, Belgian wheat ale yeast and organic Fraser Valley rhubarb.
    6.2% Alc. / Vol.

  • Numbskull

    An Imperial IPA brewed with Munich, Pale and Caramel malts. Contains very little logic or restraint.

    9.1% Alc. / Vol.

  • Sauerteig

    Lighthouse Sauerteig was brewed with rye, wheat, and barley flakes, malted wheat and rye, spelt flour and sauerteig prepared by Bryon Fry at Fry's Red Wheat Bakery. 7% Alc. / Vol.

  • Strath 100

    Brewed exclusively for the Stratcona Hotel's 100th Anniversary. Available on draft at the many bars at the Strathcona and in Bottles at the Strathcona Liquor Store.
    5% Alc. / Vol.

  • Desolation

    Desolation Imperial Oyster Stout was brewed with a blend of 10 malts and a shuck load of Okeover Organic Oysters.
    9.3% Alc. / Vol.

  • 3 Weeds

    A strong Belgian style wit brewed with pilsener and wheat malts, rolled oats, coriander, ginger and hops. Great for summer!
    7.5% Alc. / Vol.

  • Chocolate Porter

    A dark, robust porter flavoured with cocoa beans. The raw beans are carefully roasted to create a rich and intense chocolate flavour.
    5.5% Alc. / Vol.

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