Bottling the Perfect Beer by Drew Sinden – Packaging Manager

Bottling the Perfect Beer by Drew Sinden – Packaging Manager

How exactly does your favorite brew make its way into a bottle? While it’s not magic, there are highly trained packaging people who ensure that the beer in the bottle, can, or keg is the pinnacle of quality and as fresh as the day it left the tank.

Let’s focus on bottles, bombers (650 ml) to be exact. The process for filling a bomber starts by labeling each individual bottle. A team of 4 people run box after box of bottles through a labeling machine. This is no small task – a full tank of beer could take almost a full day to label.


Now comes the fun part, putting beer into those bottles. The filling journey starts with the bottles being de-palletized by an operator. A large mechanical arm pushes 192 bottles at a time onto a conveyor belt that sends them hurtling towards the filler. A 60 head filling machine is there to greet the bottles and fill them to precise levels and cap them without allowing oxygen to mix with the beer. The filler runs at roughly 80 bottles per minute and a very dedicated packaging professional (such as Darcy Parkes pictured below) continuously watches the bottles being filled for any defects.


After a quick wash, the bottles are quality checked one more time before returning home to the same boxes they were shipped to us in to reduce cardboard waste. When all is said and done a total of 7 people will have been involved in the bottling process, each with a specific task to ensure the best possible product reaches your local liquor store shelves.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. Packaged beer still has to be warehoused and delivered to its final destination. The bomber bottling process is just one part of what happens on a day to day basis for the packaging professionals here at Lighthouse who put in a hard day’s work to ensure that every beer’s journey is a safe one to your glass.

Drew Sinden


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